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Welcome to Lasting Lashes

Welcome to the incredible world of Lasting Lashes individual eyelash extensions! An incredible journey into the dynamic world of eyelash extensions & various products awaits you! Did you know that Lasting Lashes individual eyelash extensions and eyelash products are a foolproof way to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes and dramatically enhance your eyes and facial features?

Eyelashes that last up to 90 days…

Yes! This is possible if correct maintenance & easy aftercare / home care procedures are adhered to. Eyelashes that are longer, thicker, comfortable, lush, natural looking, eye enhancing flashy… naturally!

Lashes that feel so natural you or no one else will not know that they are not natural!

Lash extensions are sterile light weight, individual pre-curled satin, silk, mink or synthetic eyelashes which are applied by a trained & certified Lasting Lashes extensionist. Each lash is bonded to the natural individual eyelash to enhance length and increase volume of the natural lashes. Lasting Lashes are applied with a medical grade bonder using various techniques which ensures perfect bonding to each individual lash.

Lasting Lashes will provide you with natural looking extremely enhanced long lashes. No clumping, no irritation & no loss of natural lashes!

Application of lashes when done correctly, is completely pain free & extremely relaxing! Most clients fall asleep! Application takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the extensionists level of experience. Depending on each individuals eyelash growth cycles and other external factors, maintenance is generally required every 2 – 4 weeks.

Lasting lashes will work and enhance your beauty. Regardless if you wear glasses or are very active in sports.

Look stunning in the blink of an eye


Boost your earnings & increase your income immediately with Lasting Lashes eyelash extensions!

Enjoy a bright, flashy career as a successful qualified Lasting Lashes Technician. If you help people to look more beautiful, you will make more money

Lasting Lashes extensions will not damage your own lashes when correctly applied.

Ensure that your extensionist is part of our dynamic team & a certified professional.

Everyone will wonder what changed, everyone will look to find obvious signs of change, people will notice facial features that were not there previously, not even your best friend will be able to tell, but, friends always share their secrets…

Lasting Lashes eyelash extensions & eyelash products…giving what mother nature intended. You looking absolutely fabulous….

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